Quick Start Guide

Instructions for getting set up with the D&DS environment.

1️⃣ Install Docker

2️⃣ Download a Starter Kit

We've provided starter kits for building your agent in Python 3 and TypeScript:

You'll also need the base-compose.yml and docker-compose.yml files in the root folder.

3️⃣ Start the game server

Make sure Docker is running. From the root directory of your starter kit (where base-compose.yml and docker-compose.yml are located), run in your terminal:

docker-compose up --abort-on-container-exit --force-recreate

It may take a few minutes the first time. This will build the game server, and connect your starter agent.

Since D&DS is a 2-player environment, the game server will wait for a second agent to connect before starting.

4️⃣ Join the game

Use the following link to open the game client:

The game client currently does not work in Safari - please use Chrome or Firefox.

You should see the following setup menu:

Select 'Agent' as your role, leave 'Agent Id' as agentA and click 'Connect'.

You've now connected to the game as one of the agents.

Use the following keys to play as the Wizard:

  • Click a unit to control it

  • / / / - arrows to move the unit

  • SPACE - place a bomb

  • Click a bomb to detonate it

If you got here without any errors - congratulations you're all set up! 🎊

5️⃣ Next Steps

We recommend getting familiar with the environment before building your agent:

Here's a step-by-step tutorial if this is your first time:

If you're ready to build your agent, check out the API documentation: